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Nissei's extensive abroad support service

When you are accepted to Nissei, we ask you if you need a dorm which you can move in on the day of arrival. Our students can move in to very cozy studio apartments that Nissei contract. All apartments are already equipped with light fixtures, air conditioners and refrigerators.

Internet connection support service and bike rentals are available at Nissei. Please feel free to consult with our support staff.

Alien registration is mandatory. It must be registered at your city hall within 90 days of your arrival. Alien Registration takes about two weeks to be issued. It must be carried at all times. Any changes, such as change of address, term of visa or type of visa, must be reported within 14 days.
In case of emergency while studying in Japan, we highly recommend you have health insurance to pay the fees. For international students, “Association for Promotion of Japanese Language Education / Japanese school student accident compensation scheme" is available at Nissei. Please contact us for more information.
In Japan, International students can open bank accounts at both banks and post offices. At post offices, you can open an account right after your arrival and the banks, six months after your arrival. “Alien Registration Card” & “Seal” are required to open accounts. When opening an account, you can also get a debit card (cash card). You will receive the debit card in about two weeks.
International students can work part time. Nissei’s support staff will help you to find a job suited to your level of Japanese. Students who have good communication skills can apply for a part time job at convenience stores, family restaurants and fast food restaurants. A part time job can give you a great opportunity to improve your Japanese and to make friends. Please contact our office for further information.
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