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Nissei Japanese Language School arranges a personalized course from 5 different options. 4 courses are 2 year course, 1 year 9month course, 1 year 6month course, 1 year 3month course, and Abroad Course.
course Deadline for application Enrollment
2 year course August 1st - September 30th each year Apr.
1 year 9month course November 1st - December 31th each year July
1 year 6month course February 1st - March 31th each year Oct.
1 year 3month course May 1st - June 31th each year Jan.
Step1:Submit Application Submit documents to Nissei.
Step2:Final entry review Final review will be held at the Immigration & Legal Affairs Bureau.
Step3:Payment Please complete the payment of all fees.
Step4:Work permit Nissei will mail the work permit.
Step5:Visa Apply for the permit at the Japanese embassy or consulate.
Step6:Admission After the permit is issued, you will be enrolled in Nissei.
Completed grade 12 or equivalent degree
Certifications course Application fee Entrance fee Tuition fees Other Tax Total
2year course 30,000yen 70,000yen 1,200,000yen 94,000yen 139,400yen 1,533,400yen
1.9 year course 30,000yen 70,000yen 1,050,000yen 83,500yen 123,350yen 1,356,850yen
1.5 year course 30,000yen 70,000yen 900,000yen 73,000yen 107,300yen 1,180,300yen
1.3 year course 30,000yen 70,000yen 750,000yen 62,500yen 91,250yen 1,003,750yen
Application form 1 (Specified document)
Statement of Reasons for attendance
Picture 4
Graduation Certificate 1
Japanese transcript
Copy of Passport
Copy of identification card
Formation expenses proof 1 (Specified document)
Bank Statement
Formation expenses proof
Copy of bank book
Other documents
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